Join the Bit Bakery Team

We're a small and growing team of software engineers, product managers and designers that work on big things.

We love working on real products, solving real problems. We're passionate about being lean, gritty and scrappy. We honour honesty, kindness and helpfulness. We take risks. We're drawn toward innovation and creativity, even if it is a bit scary. We really, really enjoying making things that people want.

1 Culture

Flexible and informal.

2 The Work

It is diverse. We work on a lot of products and projects for different customers. The projects and products are real.

3 The Environment

We're a casual, open office. Chatter and laughter is important as well as respecting quiet time to get stuff done

4 The People

We're passionate about our work, interests and our client's success. Life-work harmony is important to us.

5 The Skills

We embrace learning and working together on side project and experiments to grow our skills.

6 The Respect

We recognize people's skills and individual contributions and take time to help and teach team members to help them grow.

Come work with us

We don’t always post job openings, so please reach out to us if you’re interested in joining our team. We happy to chat, have coffee and explore opportunities.

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