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Welcome to Labs

These are projects we create for ourselves, and sometimes others, as experiments and to learn new technologies. These are a few examples:

Water My Lawn

Water my lawn thumbnail

Is a smartphone application that monitors weather and rainfall and lets you know if you should water your lawn.

We created this application because we love our communities and strive to make them better. Water conservation is extremely important especially when water bans are in place. Water My Lawn provides property owners with a recommendation to water or not based on recent and predicted weather and participation amounts - an evapotranspiration algorithm.

Garbage and Yard Waste Pick-Up

Garbage and Yard Waste Pickup thumbnail

Is a smartphone application which helps Waterloo residents track which week and day is their bi-weekly garbage and yard waste pickup.

As residents of the region ourselves, we often found it hard to keep track of the days for garbage pickup, and we soon realized we weren't the only ones. We developed Garbage and Yard Waste Pick Up to help others in our community keep track of when to put out their waste.

Should I Eat Here

scale up project

We like to eat out and we’re concern about food safety. Should I Eat Here displays restaurants near you on your phone with food safety inspection open data results from the Region of Waterloo Health Department.

Parking Genius

startup project

Using open data from the City of Toronto, Parking Genius displays a heat map of parking tickets issued based upon your location on your phone.

Retro Camera

scale up project

Is a smartphone application that replicates the picture taking experience from a vintage camera that used film rolls.