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Designing for Discoverability: Optimizing App Previews and Screenshots
December 5th, 2023 by Attila Schmidt

Building the next great iPhone application takes more than a great user experience. Before you can start seeing downloads and reviews pour in, you need to connect with audiences and show them why they need your application on their phones.

But getting noticed isn’t as straightforward as we’d all hope. With more than 1.76 million apps and 460,000 games in the Apple App Store, having marketing assets that get and keep your audience’s atten


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Founded in 2014, BitBakery is a trusted outsourced development provider for companies large and small. Based in Waterloo Region, Ontario, we’re centrally located in one of North America’s fastest growing tech communities.

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BitBakery offers design and software development services with the ability to scale as your business evolves.

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BitBakery works with global enterprise customers every day.

Whether it’s virtual or physically embedded teams, we have the know-how and infrastructure to ensure your security and privacy.

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Deadline for a project coming up faster than you planned?

We can add depth to your in-house team with our experienced developers and designers.

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Need a complete tech team to build your MVP?

From storyboarding to wireframes, prototypes to app stores, BitBakery has been a trusted partner of startups and emerging tech companies across North America.

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