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How to take your product from idea to reality

January 13th, 2022 by Wes Worsfold

Helping startups take their ideas to market has always been one of our favourite types of projects to take on. What we've always found interesting during the initial discussions with startups is the degree to which they've validated their idea. 

Validating an idea means understanding who your customers are, whether your product or service helps them solve a problem—and most importantly—whether they're willing to pay to solve that problem.

Finding a way to help startups do that validation has been at the core of what we do, and that's why we are very excited to be part of the new SnapPea Ventures project. The project brings together software and hardware design, development, and manufacturing expertise from our team, along with the fantastic people at SnapPea Design, Northern Mechatronics, and Sigma Worldwide.

What excites us about SnapPea Ventures is that validation and customer discovery are front-loaded into the program. Proper validation matters because it reduces the number of iteration cycles a project has to go through. Proper validation and discovery help speed up the time to bring a new product to market.

Decreasing the number of development cycles makes our work more productive and makes sure we're building something that truly meets the startup's needs and its customers. It's a win for the startup—and a success for the SnapPea Ventures partners. 

Three things to know about SnapPea Ventures 

For a fixed fee, SnapPea Ventures will help validate your business concept. If your concept is approved to continue through our model, we defer 50% of development costs and give you access to investor networks. Here are three things to know about SnapPea Ventures.

SnapPea Ventures has a rolling enrollment

Apply when you're ready. The model is designed to work with startups at almost every stage. After you've validated your idea, our team will work with you to build a software prototype for further testing. 

Priced to help you get to market

BitBakery recognizes that the period of time startups are working to bring their product to market is also the time startups are the leanest when it comes to runway. SnapPea Ventures offers a combination of favourable startup pricing and a deferred pricing plan to help get your product into the market to start getting customers—and revenue. 

SnapPea Ventures is an experiment for our team too

By design, startups are built to test, iterate, and test again. The same goes for SnapPea Ventures. We're here because we want to help startups get to market faster while reducing the costs—and rework—associated with bringing innovative products to customers. Our model is flexible, and we're continuously looking for ways to tweak and expand our offerings to help.

Why SnapPea Ventures?

SnapPea Ventures helps with challenges we've seen our local startups go through over the years. The validation stage is the most critical checkpoint for any startup, yet too many programs for startups speed through it and start building too quickly and are focused on getting to beta testing. From our experience, we have often seen a lack of focus on validation. 

SnapPea Ventures four stages

SnapPea Venture's four-stage process takes your startup through:

  1. Problem validation - we help validate your idea through technical feasibility and UX research.
  2. Building a proof of concept - whatever the need is, from an initial software stack to clickable prototypes to industrial design concepts, we help you create a proof of concept (POC) to validate the market.
  3. Development - our favourite phase - we work with you to bring the POC to a beta-ready product for further refinement.
  4. Launch - whether it's launching on app stores or helping with manufacturing, we help you get your product to paying customers.

Ready to get started?

Working with other organizations alongside startup founders through their businesses' validation, POC, go-to-market, and growth stages builds on BitBakery's software development skills and startup practices.

I'm personally delighted that BitBakery is participating in SnapPea Ventures. It builds upon my passion for software and technology innovation and the startup ecosystem.

Wherever you are in your startup journey, we're here and ready to help. Applications for SnapPea Ventures are open now — visit to learn more and to apply.

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