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Looking back at 2020 - our top six blog posts of the year

December 17th, 2020 by Rachel Hickey

Over the last 12 months, we’ve written ~36,000 words about topics ranging from Dungeons and Dragons to Twitch and bootstrap to blood donations. The inspiration for our posts comes from our team’s daily conversations. Sometimes they’re software development related. Other times are designers bring in a new UX tool or process that changes the way we look at a problem.  These are topics that come up during our work days while providing developer and design services to clients. 

To celebrate the end of the year, here’s our top 6 most read posts from 2020. 

Improving web performance with Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS helps improve web performance and it made a huge difference for our website. We shared how it helped take our website to the next level, and what features we love. Tailwind’s responsiveness, component friendliness and, customizable design is what makes it a no brainer for us to use.

If you're sick of fighting the framework and are looking to upgrade from a custom framework to support a new long term vision– learn more about how Tailwind CSS can help you.

What’s new in Bootstrap v5.0

One of the most frustrating experiences of being a developer is reinventing the base HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for each project. In many cases it just makes sense to use an existing framework like Bootstrap.

With all the new updates, we shared how Bootstrap v5.0 continues to make the framework lightweight, simple, useful and faster for the developer’s benefit. From the switch to jQuery and JavaScript to adding CSS custom properties, we share why you might want to make the switch to Bootstrap v5.0.

Flipping streams is the new flipping channels - how Twitch is changing entertainment

Twitch is changing the way we consume entertainment and more online. With this post, we did a deep dive into how Twitch became what it is today, and highlight how people are using Twitch as a solution for not being able to perform, teach and create in-person. 

Featuring comments from our team members and local Twitch celebrities, we shared how Twitch is not only changing the landscape of entertainment, but has become a tool to share experiences and build stronger communities. 

Making our website faster and easier to manage with Statamic

We wouldn't recommend a technology to a client if we wouldn't use it ourselves. In this post, we shared how we moved our website to Statamic, and how it has improved since we switched. 

With better security, better version control, faster build times, and ease of use across the board, this content management system ticked all the boxes that matter for us—and our clients. While it may at first take a bit of getting used to when coming from an older content management system, once you start getting used to it you will wonder how you ever managed a site without it!

Support small business and shop local this holiday season with these gift ideas

Retailers—especially small mainstreet businesses—are relying on online sales more than ever. As the holiday season approached, we wanted to share the importance of supporting independently-owned local businesses. 

So what can you do to help? Easy—just make shopping local part of your holiday shopping plan. Need some suggestions? Check out what local treasures the BitBakery team recommends for your holiday shopping (or any time of the year)!

Building community during COVID-19 - how local tech centres are supporting founders and freelancers

As an outsourced development shop working as virtually embedded teams for clients across North America, we used our office as a base of operations (and a source of coffee and snacks). We pride ourselves on being a great place to work because of our tight-knit workplace community. But how do you build community and culture when your team works from home? 

In this blog post, we reached out to local tech centres Velocity Incubator, the Accelerator Centre, and the Conestoga Gig Lab to hear and share lessons of how strong communities can adapt and evolve no matter the challenge.

Saying goodbye to 2020

If there’s one thing we’ve learned this year, it’s that change brings opportunity to do things differently. At BitBakery we adapted to remote work, found new ways to deliver services as we continue to support our amazing clients. 

Here’s to a safe, happy, and prosperous new year.

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